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We ship all cards within two business days (with exceptions) from when the order was placed.  We ship orders via USPS first class mail.  Once orders are shipped an email notification is sent.

Custom orders that require personalized information requires an additional three days to ship.  These orders will ship within 5 days.  Orders being shipped to someone other than person placing the order will be shipped within two business days (with exceptions).

Date sensitive orders are orders that are being sent for a specific event on a specific date and must arrive prior to or on that specific date.  Date sensitive orders must allow an addtional three days to ship.  We cannot ship date sensitive orders within the normal two days.  Date sensitive orders will ship within five business days of order being placed.  If an order must be created and shipped immediately a request must be made via the order form and an additional charge will be incurred.


Copyright Policy / Terms of Use

Kathy Moore Creations, LLC creates personalized and custom greeting cards, custom photo prints and custom post cards.

All designs, regardless of personalization, are the property of Kathy Moore Creations, LLC and cannot be used or distributed for any reason other than for personal use.  Designs cannot be mass produced or reproduced electronically, mechanically or manually for any reason.  

Our work may not be produced to sell for others to use in their crafting projects.

We do not license oUr work to anyone for any reason.  All images, creations and artwork is the property of Kathy Moore Creations, LLC.